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So, How Do Writers Find Readers?

The typical traditional way of finding readers has writers finding agents who find publishers who find book outlets who attract readers

Self-published writers are playing in a different league.

Back in 2011, I published a post called, How Can Authors Find Readers?

In that post, I said:

“Some of the wildest relationships in the world are between authors and readers.

“Lately, writers have had a new horde of ‘experts’ yelling at them about how to hook-up with readers.

“Personally, I don’t think any two books (except the pulps in various genres) have the same history of attracting readers.

“It seems that, just as Mary wants Jim but Jim needs a wake up call and Mary doesn’t want to seem forward and Jim, well you get the idea; seems that authors need Relationship advice, not Marketing advice.

“Readers have relationships with authors, always have, and today’s publishing scene is begging authors to build relationships with their readers, like never before.”

I say more and direct folks to some valuable resources

But, today, I’ll introduce you to Omar Luqmaan-Harris and his site because he seems to have found many methods for finding readers, a.k.a. being discovered :-)

There’s a particular article on his site called 12 Author Profile Sites to Boost Your Discoverability.

I recommend you go read what he says about each of these sites but I also recommend you check them out and use two or three for a few months to see if they’re a fit for you and, if not, try a few more for awhile till you find what works with your life style—trying to keep up with all 12 could drive a writer crazy :-)

So, for those in a hurry, here are the twelve sites that might boost your discoverability (I utilize the first four):


Amazon Author Central





Red Room


Book Country



Are there any Discoverability Sites you can recommend in the Comments?

Any experience with finding readers you’d like to share?
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5 responses to “So, How Do Writers Find Readers?

  1. Andy Shackcloth July 3, 2013 at 5:31 am

    One take on these sites is to maintain an up-to-date and interesting author profile, even if you aren’t actually active on the site. Just link from them to where you are most active.

    Though, I admit that is advice that I haven’t followed closely.


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