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The “Bad” People in “Notes from An Alien”

More revelations in this Friday Special, Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien.

There are some Spoilers this time so, if you don’t want advance information before you read the book, just grab a Free Copy—it is a short novel and you just might be able to finish it before I write the next Friday post :-)

And, don’t forget, you can ask me Any questions about the book in the Comments of Any of these Friday Specials

Let’s get down to it.

The Corporate World, Anga, created two classes of undesirables and the first chapter gives this explanation:


   ShipOne continued its light-powered flight toward Anla surrounded by the aurora of electromagnetic interaction with Anga’s plasma tail.

The passengers continued to speculate on their future.

Most could only feel doom. These were the “mentally unstable” among Anga’s criminals.

The rest, the “religiously unbalanced”, had mixed feelings.

Mentally unstable to the Angan leadership meant an unwillingness to adhere to norms—a pernicious streak of wild inventiveness that refused to conform to the wishes of the Corporation. Their ideas were often used but never attributed to them. They feared being shipped to a World reported to be completely organized according to various religious standards.

Most of the religious criminals were of the Harian persuasion, followers of Akla. The rest were truly lost souls, hoping for salvation from their new masters on Anla.


Fairly obvious here—these folks are “bad” because the Corporate leaders decree it.

Anga is the logical extreme of the brand of corporatism that is ravaging most of the Earth now.

It’s a good thing Notes from An Alien is fiction because it was quite painful crafting some of the scenes that deal with Anga’s woes

One thing I did try to show was that, no matter how long a specifically greedy corporatism can maintain power, eventually it strangles itself—it just isn’t in line with reality.

I want to expand on the part that says, “The rest were truly lost souls, hoping for salvation from their new masters on Anla.”

Even though the Corporate leaders are bad, the priests on Anla are worse—though I have referred to both sets of leaders as Fundamentalists

There is one religion on Anla that isn’t quite so bad but none of them are of the sterling character of the Aklans.

If the Corporate leaders are bad in a Cold way, the priests are bad in a viciously Hot way.

Now on to chapter eight, after the groundwork for a Worlds’ Government is established.

Since this governing has no enduring moral fiber—is still merely political—a desperate response to the War’s end; and, even though it has jurisdiction on two separate Worlds, the improvements in daily life that order has evoked are soon to be attacked

Here is the introductory scene for the other bad folks:


Chirzt and Laiy were meeting with the twenty-six people who had been recruited for their cause. Nineteen were Independents—those who wanted to influence the Worlds’ Council toward more liberal attitudes—attitudes that included measures that fostered more control by individuals over the flow of goods and the practice of services. Seven of the recruits were Dissatisfieds—those who could be used to foment various forms of insurrection to support the desires of the Independents.


It should be fairly obvious that the Independents are holdovers from the days of Corporate Anga.

The Dissatisfieds are tools—perhaps the most lost souls in the book

I used my six decades of suffering through our materialistic culture to fashion the Corporate World.

The Religious World was necessary for three reasons:

— as a foil for the Corporate World

— as a representation of what can happen when religion is the thrall of dogma

— because both my parents were ministersGod love ’em

... do, please, feel free to ask me any questions about any part of the book in the Comments
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2 responses to “The “Bad” People in “Notes from An Alien”

  1. Jane Watson June 23, 2013 at 7:35 am

    I fear for the ‘mentally unstable’ group who, perhaps in another culture would be hailed as visionaries….Something on the blog today reminded me of mistakes endured by a culture that relies on automated services and what the consequences of this can be – I pressed five stars on the star rating for this blog – it selected three!!


    • Alexander M Zoltai June 23, 2013 at 8:25 am

      The thin veil of the ascendancy of the TechTool is rending—awareness of a Tool’s proper place will return, sooner for some, later for the heedless

      I know you saw it, Jane, but feel compelled to make it plain—we have a disdain for the “mentally unstable” in our “modern” culture. Certainly there are those who see and value true excellence. Yet, the rulers of the world prefer to steal their ideas and confine them to mind-numbing labor in the mid- to low-rank of management


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