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Why Write A Novel To Try To Help Our World?

This is the 15th post in my Friday Special Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien.

While I discuss various aspects of the novel, you can ask Any questions about the book in any of these Friday posts.

Though available in print and e-book formats, the novel is free to download.

A previous Behind The Scenes post called What Made You Write That Book? began the tale of why I chose to write Notes from An Alien.

I’ll continue today

About 57 years ago, this little boy spoke aloud as he walked down a city street, “There’s too much traffic!”

I never have had a long spell in my life when I was able to adjust to the prevailing cultural conditions.

The main reason I’ve identified for this malaise is the high level of materialism.

There’s nothing wrong, per se, with the material world—I happen to believe it’s a school house to ready us for an everlasting spiritual world

What’s wrong, in my estimation, is that the balance of spiritual and material is lacking—way too much materialism.

I love my computer, I like comfortable clothes, living in a safe building suits me just fine.

However, dealing with rampant crime is unnerving, dealing with folks who have no hope and act in unstable ways is creepy, having companies care more about their bottom line than my satisfaction is disturbing.

Take a moment and jot down your three most powerful pet peeves

Odds are they, in some way, arise due to an imbalance toward materialism in our culture.

My novel certainly isn’t the first to address what’s wrong in our world.

If you see it as science fiction (which my characters don’t) it’s not the first Sci-Fi novel addressing humanity’s ills.

Mine may be unique in the “solutions” offered

People scream for Justice and justice is necessary.

However, it is my firm belief that we won’t have Universal Justice until we have a general sense of Oneness on the planet—Unity, even while maintaining ripe diversity.

Make it simple—you and another person have to get along.

If you can’t find something that unifies you, ties your motivations together, you won’t get along very well, or at all

Finding what can Unify humans is the major task facing the world.

My novel explores that theme………
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