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Writing & Games ~ Sometimes It’s Hard To Tell Which Is Which…

Certain games have a built-in story—role-playing, adventure, survival, etc.

Some have you creating the story as you play—simulations are a good example.

And, when you’re writing, it can sometimes seem like you’re in a game with your characters and you’re not sure who’s going to win

Then, there are many folks who make a living applying their writing skills to game development.

I’m using two games right now to help me with my writing.

Since I’m completely engrossed in what will have to happen for earth to experience Global Peace (my novel is about that), I play a game called Civilization V.

There is war in the game and I always have to have a military but I play for peace—there’s much to take care of—citizens’ employment, trade with other countries, agriculture, mining

Each game becomes a story I create through my choices.

Another simulation I use is Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.

My decisions count here, too; and, there is a running story, but

I use it to help me relax and meditate and prepare for writing—nothing like a good book for a long plane ride :-)

If you happen to get Flight Simulator, you need to know about a site that has a ton of free downloads—planes, buildings, detailed textures, etc.—Simviation.

Of course there are loads of jets on the site but this is the plane I chose to get free from Simviation—I love it—carries me, a co-pilot, and six passengers—imaginary passengers—just like my characters >> Whoot !! << :-)


And, here are a few inside views:

inside oneinside twoinside three

[Special Edit] — I’ve change my plane :-) Check this post
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7 responses to “Writing & Games ~ Sometimes It’s Hard To Tell Which Is Which…

  1. Jane Watson June 13, 2013 at 3:26 am

    Mega cool….I love your pics….I feel like I am actually in the plane….


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