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My Favorite Publishing-Aid Company Has Become An Even Better Choice

When I first self-published, I used Lulu.

Never again, since my experience of publishing Notes from An Alien with the help of FastPencil.

If you want a quick look at FastPencil’s features and benefits, read the post FastPencil ~ Funny Name, Dynamite Publishing-Aid Company and, if you want more detail, watch the video in that post :-)

Recently, FastPencil was acquired by Courier Corporation, “…America’s third largest book manufacturer and a leader in content management and customization in new and traditional media.”

FastPencil says this about the acquisition:

“…the agreement gives FastPencil authors access to Courier’s nationwide publishing sales force and relationships with thousands of retailers, from major booksellers to museums, crafts shops and gift stores. ‘We are thrilled to be joining forces with Courier’, said FastPencil co-founder and CEO Steve Wilson. ‘In doing so, we are not only gaining a world-class print partner, but also enabling our authors to reach out to a far wider audience and increase their potential sales by an order of magnitude.'”

So, I’m still trying to absorb what this means for me as an author and will report what I discover

Then, Ingram enters the picture

I was already familiar with Ingram because, along with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks, FastPencil distributes my books to Ingram—making them available to bookstores and libraries

Then, last month, Digital Journal published the press release, Courier Corporation and Ingram Content Group Form Strategic Relationship to Expand Publisher Services.

Here are a few excerpts from that release:

“Courier will use Ingram’s print-on-demand and digital distribution services, and Ingram will use Courier’s printing capabilities to streamline workflow and speed delivery to retailers and readers worldwide.”

“In addition, through Courier’s recent acquisition of FastPencil, thousands of self-publishers also stand to benefit by gaining access to capabilities previously reserved for the top of the industry.”

Whoot !! :-)

The glitter from acquisition and teaming-up will have to settle before I can figure out the increased benefits of working with FastPencil

Of course, self-publishing has been around a long time—the digital variety not so long.

Check out this paragraph from an Ooligan Press article:

“Ben Franklin used letter press and was first and foremost a self-publisher, even though he’s more famous as an inventor and statesman.  William Blake published his own work, too. Virginia Woolf had her own press, publishing much of her own work. Powell’s City of Books has in its Rare Books room a very valuable copy of Hawthorne’s House of the Seven Gables published by Virginia Woolf.”

So, if anyone should try to disparage self-publishing, you now have a few names you can drop :-)
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