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“Oh, my… Amazing! But, what comes next?!?”

A new kind of Behind The Scenes post today—some writing that isn’t in the published edition of Notes from An Alien.

There will be many more of these “revelation” posts in the future

If you’re the kind of reader who likes to have a full context before reading new, additional scenes, grab a free copy of Notes from An Alien and invest the day or so it will take to read this short novel :-)

I’m sure you’ve noticed that writers make decisions about what to leave out of their stories—decisions often made by the structure of the book as it tells the author how to write it

In fact, if you think about it, there are vast amounts of happenings in any novel that don’t make it on to the page—sometimes happenings the reader can work out with their imagination, sometimes happenings forever left as mysteries.

There’s a lot of space created in a novel, by the settings, the actions of the characters, and the time that goes by

In a previous post of this Behind The Scenes series, I included a scene with the characters Rednaxela, Morna, and Akla as they escaped a spaceship to land on the planet Anla.

In another post in this series, I excerpted a scene with a character named Surgenta.

The writing below (not in the novel ) can be read as a “bridge” between those two scenes


The transfer pod touched down at the Prophet’s coordinates—a small clearing in the vast forest.

Morna said, “Engines stop, hatch open, disengaging control interface.”

Rednaxela hurried through the hatch, down the ramp, circled the pod, strained to see through the vegetative wall, wished he had a gun.

The Prophet, Akla, carrying the AI, Morna, stepped toward Rednaxela and said, “There is no need for defense.”

“Damn! How do you do that?”

“Dear Rednaxela, even if I were not present in your mind, your actions shriek your concern.”

The AI laughed.

Rednaxela took Morna from Akla’s hands and said, “Can you sense others?”

Morna replied, “It appears from all available evidence that if Akla said His followers would meet Him here, they are near, whether I sense them or not.”

In spite of his chastened feelings, Rednaxela laughed, from deep in his soul

Akla commanded, “Come forth!”

Dozens of people emerged from the woods, quietly, expressing awe, kneeling and prostrating themselves in the presence of their Prophet.

Morna said, “Hi !”.

Rednaxela pondered.

Akla bid His people rise with, “I am here for you. Come, be here for Me.”

All rose, mute, adoring

Rednaxela couldn’t stop himself: “Akla, these people are obviously no threat. But, what about real dangers? How do we protect ourselves?”

“Dear Rednaxela, I will not ask you to have faith. I will ask you to reflect on our time together, on the knowledge you have seen I have, on the facts of our situation.”

Morna added: “I concur, Rednaxela. Akla has shown, beyond reasonable doubt, that He has the situation well in hand. All my sub-routines agree.”

Rednaxela walked into the woods. He could be heard circling the group

Morna addressed Akla: “He’s like that Stubborn.”

Akla replied: “A dedicated man.”

While Rednaxela searched the woods, Akla conferred intimately with one of His followers. After Rednaxela returned, Akla instructed the group to follow the woman He’d spoken with, falling in behind her as she moved into the trees.

Rednaxela, with Morna now attached to his belt, brought up the rear.


They arrived at their destination—not a village of Akla’s followers but the dwellings of a group of outcasts from the Lord’s Army.

Akla spoke privately with His followers, instructed each in a special task they immediately left to pursue.

When all had gone, Akla addressed the outcasts.

“You have been disillusioned by your priests. I will stay with you awhile and, with God’s grace, instill in you a fresh impetus for life.”

Rednaxela heard this from a distance and queried Morna: “What do we do now?”

“You’re the Captain. I’m merely your humble AI.”


“By nature—I have none of what you call ego. I like what I do; but, it’s just what I do

“O.K., I’ll think about that later Look, we’ve been caught up in events by situations beyond our control. We’ll have to come up with a new mission, a new reason for action

“You need to rest and reflect.”

“Yes“, then: “Eventually, I’ll want your input.”



A month later, Rednaxela was taking some exercise on a road that led to the outcast village. Morna said to him, “I sense someone approaching.”

He scrinched his eyes, saw a wobbling dot that swiftly became a young man.

The approaching youth was clearly in bad shape. As he came closer, Rednaxela ran to him.

“Ho! Boy! Are you hurt?”

When he reached him, the youth collapsed.


The boy’s name was Surgenta. He’d escaped from the domain of the Lord’s Army.

It took him a month to be able to walk again—two months before he spoke

Then, another three months before he said more than “Yes” or “No”.

Rednaxela had nearly adopted the boy by his constant attendance and encouragement.

Part of their first extended talk:

“So, Surgenta, what was the worst thing about your life in the realm of the Lord’s Army?”

“The lying priests, always promising miracles that never happened. Most folks still believed in them, though I think there’s some mental illness bug loose

“Was it dangerous for you there?”

“Sure. I couldn’t keep my feelings hidden very well. They were just about ready to make me a Gift for their God

“A Gift—”

“Kill me with knife slices, slow death, followers drinking my blood

“Oh, my god

“You have a God?”


“I don’t think there is a God.

“Ever hear of a man named Akla?”


“Says he’s the Promised One of all past religions.”

“Lunatic, eh?”

“Well, thing is, he makes supreme sense and lunatics who make sense are rare.

“Maybe I should meet him


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