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A Mystery Partly Unraveled ~ A Critical Dream

This special Friday Behind The Scenes post will present a fairly large Spoiler—this author will explain, partially, a very important dream in Notes from An Aliengrab a free copy if you want to read the story before you read this post

In the last Friday post I said, “The next three Fridays will explore spheres, forests, and the Created Worlds.”

Well, I had a D’oh-moment and decided that the Created Worlds of Angi are spheres :-)

So are the three original inhabited Worlds

So, are these spherical planets symbols in the story?


But, I’m a brave blogger and I want to encourage a few of my readers to explain (in the Comments) how a “mere” planet can be a symbol :-)

Back on March 29th, in the post, The Evolution of Fictional Worlds . . ., Sena ( a major character in the book) explained quite a bit of the history of Angi’s Spheres.

Before I get into explaining a bit about the Critical Dream, I want to share Sena’s words { note: the planet in the picture with the purple glow is Beli-Pallos }:


“We could begin by continuing to look back, peel away layers of time; but, to be fair and to make the most sense, we must jump in our minds back to the time when Angi and Beli were twins—two stars of equal majesty.

“You know from your early studies that all systems, even the bodies you have, are self-organizing—evolving through stages of change and stability. Our great Stellar System, Angi, has it own patterns and, to the best of our knowledge, it began with two stars, equal in size and brightness.

“At a time approximately 100,000 years ago the larger System of our Galaxy began to supply an increase in electrical energy to the Angi/Beli System. As is natural with Stellar Systems, Angi and Beli began to adapt to the increased power.

“Beli, the star that became our gas-giant, gave birth to Anga-Param and Anla-Purum and released their stabilization to Angi, meaning they began to orbit Angi. Angla-Palli, our Moon-Planet, remained in orbit around Beli-Pallos…”

Now, that Dream

Velu gave birth to Delva, a supremely major character in Notes from An Alien.

During that birth, Velu had a waking-dream—a Vision:


All was a purple glow. Three voices were heard. One called with the tone of Wisdom. Another called with the tone of Faith. The third called with the tone of Justice.

Wisdom said, “There is no boundary. All interpenetrates.”

Faith said, “There is a boundary. God, only, can cross it.”

Justice said, “Perception is the Rule.”

The purple glow began to grow spheres colored green and blue and brown, three in number.

The spheres began a dance and the dance caused music.

The music had nine harmonies and nine melodies.

Six blue spheres began to grow and, at the center of their dance, a purple sphere, larger than all the others, took form.

The purple sphere spoke with the tone of Love.

Love said, “The boundaries interpenetrate. All is one.”

All the spheres rushed together and a blaze of white light spread to the ends of time and space.

Time spoke with the tone of Infinity.

Infinity said, “There is no thought. There is no feeling. All is consciousness.

Space spoke with the tone of Humor.

Humor said, “There is no need to hope. All is as All does.”

The white glare contracted to a sphere that contained all the other spheres. The white sphere spoke with the tone of Compassion.

Compassion said, “You have been called forth to be the portal for another to be called forth. You will live through the times that define all times. You will suffer for your love. You will love your suffering.”

All disappeared except the original purple glow. Slowly, within it, grew a shape that had no shape, a form of formlessness, a silent sound with the tone of Mercy.

Mercy said, “No fear. No fright. No injury. No pain. This is what is being born from you.”

All went to purest black.


When I wrote that vision, I had no idea what it would say, until after I saw it on the screen

Writing can be like that sometimes :-)

The planets of the Angi System are all in that vision—so is a description of the rest of Delva’s life—given in a waking-dream while her mother gave birth to her:

“No fear. No fright. No injury. No pain. This is what is being born from you.”

The uncareful reader could read that vision and get nothing from it

The critical reader might continue reading about Delva and, at some point, turn back to the vision

That’s as much as I can say right now about this Dream of Spheres.

Perhaps some of you can offer your own interpretations—it might make me say more………
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5 responses to “A Mystery Partly Unraveled ~ A Critical Dream

  1. Barbara Blackcinder May 5, 2013 at 9:37 am

    String theory, circle theory, and sphere theory… hmmm? I sense a circumnavigation of theory coming soon?? LOL


  2. Alexander M Zoltai May 5, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    Well, Barb, I don’t think String Theory has any validity

    As far as Circle & Sphere Theory, they are obviously related—still

    Venturing into actual Theories of literature is kinda Scary, eh?? :-)


  3. Jane Watson May 6, 2013 at 2:47 am

    I feel that symbols work in a very personal way with any reader and I was particularly taken with the line in the dream: “The spheres began a dance and the dance caused music…” it reminded me of the ‘music of the spheres’, defined in many dictionaries as: “an ethereal harmony thought by the Pythagoreans to be produced by the vibration of the celestial spheres …” “This ‘music’ is not usually thought to be literally audible, but a harmonic and/or mathematical and/or religious concept….”
    … but of course what is different about these special spheres, which are the Created Worlds, is that they have colour and and they have different meanings…So Wisdom, Faith and Justice create Love, which is infinite in Time and Space, and contains Humor, Compassion and eventually Mercy…
    Perhaps the Dance of the Spheres here represents a progression or journey of the soul/consciousness towards a state of perfect unison- at the end all goes to ‘purest black’ – the all colour… when we reach that state we are everything – as Wiki answers says : “Black absorbs the radiation throughout the visible spectrum. You could say it is all of the colors…”


  4. Alexander M Zoltai May 6, 2013 at 2:50 am

    Brilliant Exegesis, Jane :-) — Thank you…


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