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An Alien Internet ~ Dangerous?

This is the second special Friday Behind The Scenes post that will have “severe” spoilers—excerpts from the novel.

Grab a free copy of Notes from An Alien—to read before you explore this post and to use to find the excerpts in the novel.

But, if you’re the kind of reader not bothered by spoilers, this post can serve as an introduction to my book—a chance to decide if you even want to download a free copy

But, why would I suggest you use a free copy to search out these excerpts about the Alien Mesh or Internet?

Because readers often have different interpretations of symbolism in a story

Basically, I hope to stimulate you to give your interpretations of my use of Mesh as a symbol—add to the depth of meaning of my book.

The next three Fridays will explore spheres, forests, and the Created Worlds.

So, why did I choose the word “Mesh” for my alien Internet?

Exploring the etymology of the word will help:

“late 14c., mesche, ‘open space in a net’, probably from late Old English max ‘net’, earlier mæscre, from Proto-Germanic *mask- (cf. Old Norse möskvi, Danish maske, Swedish maska, Old Saxon masca, Middle Dutch maessce, Dutch maas ‘mesh’, Old High German masca, German Masche ‘mesh’), from PIE root *mezg- ‘to knit, plait, twist’ (cf. Lithuanian mezgu ‘to knit’, mazgas ‘knot’).”

So, “net” from the word history is a no-brainer to symbolize an Internet.

What about to “knit”, “plait”, or “twist”?

On to the excerpts :-)

If you feel interested enough to explore a larger context for the following excerpts, just grab a free copy (Word .doc, Adobe .pdf, or E-pub), copy a line of the excerpt and paste it into the search box of your copy of the book.


The first excerpt is Rednaxela, leader of the first space mission from the Corporate World to the Religious World, talking to his artificial intelligence unit, Morna:

“Morna, I’m going to check on our prize passenger.”

“Only place worth going on a ship full of criminals.”

“Settlers, Morna, settlers.”

“Yes, criminal-settlers.”

“It’s a good thing you’re my AI and not a child of the Corporate Mesh.”

“It’s a good thing we have plasma shielding from the Corporate Mesh.”

The arrangement was completely unique but absolutely necessary. The Mesh, corporate or public, operated through electronics that were capable of responding to the streams of plasma surrounding and interpenetrating Anga. The Mesh was the Corporation’s mode of communication and control and it was critical to the planet’s efficient operation.


The next excerpt is at the Corporate World’s headquarters—they’re trying to figure out what’s happening on Rednaxela’s ship:

The Angan Corporation’s Chief, Brolan Mexur, was finishing his recital of orders to his Board members:

“We need to increase endocrine enhancements in the stable populations in Anselua and Kernuma, get their sexuality functioning at around 20 percent higher levels.”

All present nodded agreement.

“It’s critical that we boost Plot Interactions on the Corporate Mesh and induce bondable people on the Public Mesh to apply for Corporate Interaction.”

All present nodded agreement.

Brolan directed his next comment to Ralm, his deputy: “Report on ShipOne post-launch conditions.”

“Yes, sir. All is proceeding according to plan. ShipOne is now 3,000 miles from orbital launch position and increasing in speed. LightSail is fully functional.”

“Ralm, show us the playback of bridge activity before launch.”

All present directed their attention to the hologram appearing in the center of their conference table—fifteen sets of eyes preparing to analyze the situation.


This excerpt has Velu, Rednaxela’s biological daughter, and the husband and wife who adopted her:

Suris returned, handed Jalur his drink, looked from him to Velu, and said: “Break it to me gently. I’ve had a hard day.”

“Suris, you know we said we’d tell Velu about her biological parents—”

“Jalur you didn’t. Without me? How could you? Why—”

“Mother!” The force of Velu’s voice shocked them both.

Suris wondered who this young person was: “Velu…?”

“Dad told me because he had to. There’s stuff going on and he’s trying to protect me.”


“Suris, the Corporation is using the Public Mesh to cause accidents; they’re purposefully killing people.”

“Jalur, don’t be—”

“Suris, listen. Your Corporation connections won’t keep me from being branded a mental criminal


There are a multitude of references to the various Meshes in the story but I’ll only include one more short one:

The Leadership Council of Anga, formed from the ranks of the previous Corporate Regeneration Committee, sat at a table in the most secure room of the building. They had mentally blended their connections to the top tier of the Corporate Mesh enabling simultaneous mental rapport with each other and access to Plot Analyses.

Five men dedicated to keeping the provisions of the Trade/Peace Treaty amenable to their manipulation. There was a separate Plot channel just for this. As they spoke to each other, their minds cast up charts and figures from the latest analyses as their emotions resonated to each others’ thought-induced feelings.


So, can you see the symbolism of “kniting”, “plaiting”, or “twisting” in these excerpts about the alien Mesh?

I’d love your comments about this Mesh that goes beyond our Internet by enabling the blending of thoughts and feelings.

Plus, any comments or questions about the novel—whether I’ve discussed them already or whether I haven’t yet :-)
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