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The Evolution of Fictional Worlds . . .

I thought I was going to explain more of the symbolism of my novel today but decided to give you more of the unpublished Behind The Scenes info :-)

I’ll be returning to the major symbols in future Friday posts, as well as some revelations about one of the characters that a reader has asked about in the Comments

Don’t forget, you can ask me Any questions about the book in Any of these Friday posts.

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So, let me re-introduce you to the “Co-Author” of Notes from An Alien, Sena Quaren, who’s also one of the main characters in the story.

I’m going to reproduce a talk she gave to a group of young people, a talk given in the time period after the end of the story in the book—a talk that has a few SPOILERS in it <<< more reason to grab a free copy—plus, the book is relatively short


~ The Evolution of AngiKind ~

Address Delivered by Sena Quaren to The Mid-Level Graduating Class

of The Anglan-Pallian Preparatory School

My speaking to all of you today has deep personal meaning since it was exactly thirty years ago, today, that my daughter, Ararura, graduated from this school.

I’m here to begin your exploration into the detailed evolution of the people of our dearly loved Angi System and, if you’re fearing a long talk by an adult, take courage that I’ll make it as interesting as I can; and, not long after my talk, you’ll be free for an entire Season.

You’ve all attained the age of fifteen years, no matter which planet you’ve come from. Now is the time for you to begin assuming adult responsibilities—embracing adult perspectives—practicing adult productiveness.

You may have heard about some of the happenings I’ll relate to you but, because there is still much rumor and inaccuracy, I’m here to set a few things straight.

You know of nine habitable Worlds in our Angi System—three natural, six created—the blaze of our central star, Angi, and the giant gas planet Beli-Pallos.

You know of the time and effort to build the Created Worlds, the time and pain of securing the Peace necessary to stabilize our Worlds, the previous time of struggle—500 years of Worlds’ War; and, some of you may know about a bit of time before that.

You’ve studied general evolution of life-forms but not had in-depth exploration of the evolution of AngiKind itself. So far, this has been a mystery for you. The delay was very purposeful—you needed a solid grounding in intellectual and emotional processing—you needed much practical experience to give you a pattern of living. Now is the time to make you think beyond your life, your family’s life, your city’s life, or even the life of your respective Worlds. We want you to make the best use, in your personal lives, of the history of our Worlds’ cultures.

You know just a bit about war and greed and fanaticism, yet your lives have been blessed with peace and productivity and rationality. Now, you’re ready to know the outlines of the struggle our Peoples have lived through to give you the Worlds you’re inheriting.

So, let me begin my story…

We could begin by continuing to look back, peel away layers of time; but, to be fair and to make the most sense, we must jump in our minds back to the time when Angi and Beli were twins—two stars of equal majesty.

You know from your early studies that all systems, even the bodies you have, are self-organizing—evolving through stages of change and stability. Our great Stellar System, Angi, has it own patterns and, to the best of our knowledge, it began with two stars, equal in size and brightness.

At a time approximately 100,000 years ago the larger System of our Galaxy began to supply an increase in electrical energy to the Angi/Beli System. As is natural with Stellar Systems, Angi and Beli began to adapt to the increased power.

Beli, the star that became our gas-giant, gave birth to Anga-Param and Anla-Purum and released their stabilization to Angi, meaning they began to orbit Angi. Angla-Palli, our Moon-Planet, remained in orbit around Beli-Pallos but, due to the need to stabilize the entire System, a multitude of smaller, child-planets were expelled from Beli-Pallos with great force and took up orbits far out in the System.

As you progress in your education, you’ll learn more deeply the principles of electromagnetic organization of all Systems—moderated by Plasma—including your very bodies…

Let’s now consider the time just after the creation of our System’s planets, just after the time necessary to balance the electric and magnetic fields, just after various forms of life began to appear on the habitable planets, Anga-Param, Anla-Purum, and Angla-Palli.

Because Anga-Param and Anla-Purum had orbits that permitted them to be quite near each other every five years, their relationship was very intimate—Plasma interactions were amplified and the organizing fields of the two planets became synchronized. This goes far toward explaining the similarities of form and function of the inhabitants of Anga-Param and Anla-Purum, even to the remarkable similarity of their native languages.

Of course, this linkage of the development of Anga-Param and Anla-Purum also meant a greater stress on the developing minds and hearts of the two planets’ inhabitants. The five-year cycle of increased Plasma flow induced a connectedness between people on the two planets—thoughts and feelings from Anga-Param influencing people on Anla-Purum; and, because of the reciprocal nature of the connection, thoughts and feelings also returned…

The interaction from Anga-Param to Anla-Purum was “Active”—of the nature of the Male; the interaction from Anla-Purum to Anga-Param was “Receptive”—of the nature of the Female.

It took over 10,000 years for the inhabitants of the two planets to reach conscious awareness of this reciprocal influence.

During that time, Anga-Param organized its society according to “Corporate” principles—Leaders organized the work of Employees—much violence was practiced by Leaders and much concealment was learned by Employees.

Those on Anla-Purum organized their society according to “Religious” principles—Priests organized the worship of Followers—much dominance was practiced by Priests and much submission was learned by Followers.

You are all familiar with the effects of Plasma on your thoughts and feelings. Some of you have had to have special training to handle the rush of thought and feeling from other people. Most of you have no problems with the Plasma-induced communication and have already found it a boon to your learning and, at times, a positive boost to your enjoyment of your pastimes and hobbies. A few of you are already able to use Plasma-communication in ways that are creative and productive.

But, before the residents of Anga-Param and Anla-Purum were consciously aware of the effects of our System’s Plasma characteristics, many people had difficulty adapting to having others’ thoughts and feelings appearing in their own minds and hearts. Most people attributed it to gods or angels or spirits of various sorts.

Once Anga-Param had reached the point in its evolution when travel between different countries and regions was common (also the period of the surge of science and the rise of the Corporation), the authorities spent massive amounts of time determining how Plasma-communication happened and discovered the increase in the effect when Anga-Param and Anla-Purum were closest in their orbital journeys.

The major religion on Anga-Param; and, before you wonder, yes, Anga-Param has had religions, and the first leaders of the Corporation enslaved the followers of the Harian sect—interrogated them, learned from them of their Holy Writings that predicted a Prophet from their religion would travel to Anla-Purum and, eventually save all the Worlds.

The members of the Corporation had no respect for any religion and continued to treat the Harians horribly; but, they used the information obtained to institute groups of Employees trained to send disturbing Plasma-communications toward Anla-Purum. This was the beginning of the 500-year Worlds’ War.

There came a time on Anga-Param when the Corporation implemented artificial control of its Employees’ endocrine systems—all citizens, including youth, were considered Employees—all citizens received brain implants at birth—making a larger percentage of citizens become even more sensitive to the Plasma effects from Anla-Purum.

This was the last method used by the Corporation to control the population and, beyond making people emotionally unstable and more likely to seek relief in the Corporation’s Simulated Recreation (electro-plasma Mesh programs customized to individuals to calm them, as well as induce propagandistic initiatives), the implants were also used to enhance the urge to procreate, to increase the size of the population.

Anga-Param’s need to stimulate the birth of new Employees arose from its long-term use of the control implants to “massage” the urges and desires of its citizens—the attempted “cure” against individual freedom of expression generated a condition that made people less interested in sex, which led to artificial manipulation of people’s endocrine systems—forcing them to mate.

This situation persisted for the last fifty years of the 500-year Worlds’ War—the same period during which Anga-Param was sending Plasma-radio equipment to the Priests on Anla-Purum.

The effort to increase the birth rate was also stimulated by Anga-Param’s wish to invade Anla-Purum—send hundreds of thousands of its Employees to the Religious planet.

The 500-Year Inter-Worlds War…

One hundred cycles of enhanced Plasma-induction (during the closest approach of Anga-Param and Anla-Purum)—one hundred cycles of the Male-Female interaction of the Employees and Followers—one hundred cycles of the Corporation’s attempts to enslave the Priests—one hundred cycles of the Priests’ attempts to convert the Corporation—one hundred cycles during the 500 years of the Worlds’ War…

You may think it’s a miracle our Angian System is still here, still functioning, giving you—each precious one of you—a chance to educate yourselves, choose a worthy profession, live an abundant life…

Before I finish, I want to reveal an interplanetary Surprise.

I know there are some of you out there, listening to me, such an old lady, wondering about the rumors you’ve heard about my being able to communicate with other Star Systems through the Plasma.

Well, it’s true and more than fascinating…

There is a man on a planet 12 Light-Years from here who helped me write a book about our history, helped translate our experience of learning Peace, helped the Worlds of Angi to help the poor struggling folks who live on a planet they call Earth.

As you leave the auditorium, each one of you will receive a copy of this book.

Read it and be proud that our Worlds have attained enough Peace to help a World that’s experiencing supremely drastic times…

Perhaps each of you will grow to such attainments that we Angians can help our Whole Galaxy………
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5 responses to “The Evolution of Fictional Worlds . . .

  1. Jane Watson March 30, 2013 at 5:29 am

    Wow! What an interesting talk…I see some deep parallels, summarised by Sena here, between the Alien universe of your novel and Earth. I am not just talking about the obvious parallel to leader dominated institutions, but also the desire of the Anglans to raise children who can adopt a pattern of living which is ‘self moderated’ and not dictated to:
    “…you needed a solid grounding in intellectual and emotional processing—you needed much practical experience to give you a pattern of living…”
    The Anglans needed to be able to moderate the Plasma communication themselves, not have someone else tell them what to do…or to manipulate their thoughts or bodies. There are people on Earth who feel the need for this…now.

    I do see a parallel with the way Earth is failing at the moment and the way the 500 year war failed to allow the Alien citizens to self moderate and communicate :-) We need this ability to handle communications now on Earth. I believe this is what we could be striving for. Let’s hope it does not take us 500 years.
    ….And of course plasma is the life force of the universe….but at the moment  we cannot see on Earth how this life force connects us…


    • Alexander M Zoltai March 30, 2013 at 9:03 am

      Thank you, Jane for drawing those parallels and making those observations :-)

      Here are two excerpts from the novel showing youth being self-driven:


      Mura made a declaration on her fifteenth birthday. Delva and Verluin knew it would come someday. Verluin met it with an internal prayer. Delva greeted it with joyous laughter. Mura had said:

      “I know you both want the best for me and I just don’t feel like it’s here, in this house, with two people who may love me but don’t understand me at all. I want my own life and, if you don’t voluntarily accept my decision to move out, I’ll still do it. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I can’t take it anymore. You’re famous. You’re respected by everyone. You talk to that life-form. You try to relate to me but all it feels like is you’re being condescending. You always talk about how the truth and justice are so necessary. Well, I’m telling you my truth.”

      Verluin had had his eyes closed through the whole speech. Delva had been looking straight into Mura’s eyes. Delva laughed like she did when someone finally understood what she was saying, like she laughed when Angi broke above the horizon in the morning, like she did when Anglana sang in her mind and heart. She wasn’t happy about what Mura had just said but she was overjoyed that this was happening when she was fifteen and not in her twenties or thirties. She said:

      “Mura, you do whatever you want. Your father and I will be here to pick up the pieces.”
      Mura stared at her mother with thinly-veiled respect. She covered that with her final words before she picked up her traveling bag and left.

      “I knew you wouldn’t understand.”


      It was a different situation for Verta. She deeply loved and respected her mother. She knew the importance of never discussing her “father”. She knew her mother was completely devoted to Akla’s Cause yet she was still a growing youth with more years to test her own burgeoning character against the whole rest of the Worlds. She was more than intelligent enough to understand the social teachings of Akla, prime among them the Oneness of all Angians, yet her soul was still wrestling with her ego and she loved a rousingly spirited discussion, about anything. If she wasn’t aware of the precise details of a subject, she would ever so honestly and sweetly demand to be instructed. Then, she would sally forth into the arena and test her mental skills.

      She had a way, even if she knew nothing about a particular topic, of strengthening the other person’s understanding, even if they were a supposed expert.

      The concerns of adults when discussing the interrelationship of faith and science became for her a reason to demonstrate faith in action—show them that faith in a concept was useless unless thrust into the experimental laboratory of living action. She was very lucky indeed to have the help of Morna and Rednaxela during some of these discussions. An example:

      Mura and Verta were in the village of Certiv, near the city of Selurn, in the Territory of Kernuma, on Anga-Param. There were a group of adults discussing Akla’s Faith with Mura while Verta sat and listened. Six youth of the village appeared during the course of the discussion and the one named Zalen began to interject his comments into the adults’ flow of conversation. Verta began to respond to each of Zalen’s remarks. He in turn began to direct his speech straight at Verta.

      When he finally knew he was in over his head and the adults were starting to get restless, Verta surprised them all by saying:

      “If you believe you’re stronger than anyone you know, do you think that makes it right for you to demand that people do whatever you say?”

      Zalen was stung by the challenge and grasped at his sense of importance by saying:

      “Absolutely, but I have to prove it to some people by pounding on them a bit.”
      “You haven’t proven it to me, Zalen. Will you now pound on me?”
      “Sounds like you want me to.”
      “That is completely your own decision.”

      The adults of the village were edging toward being frightened. Zalen was known for his temper and willingness to prop up his esteem with physical bullying. Mura was calm in her understanding of her daughter’s abilities and the added protection afforded by the presence of Morna and Rednaxela. Verta thought the experiment needed more heat.

      “Your own decision, Zalen, to prove to me that I should respect whatever you say just because you have a strong body.”
      “You do want a pounding.”
      “You decide. But beating me up will only prove you have physical strength, not that I should respect whatever you say.”
      “You don’t respect me?”

      Verta remained silent. Zalen felt this small girl was making him look ridiculous. She just sat there and smiled at him.
      “Get ready for a beating!”

      As Zalen rushed at Verta, the villagers sprang into action to stop him.

      There was a flash of light and he suddenly fell, flat on his face, not moving.

      Verta looked at Morna and said: “You’ve ruined my experiment!”
      “I saved your skin.”
      “Zalen didn’t learn anything. Maybe if you’d let him bloody my nose then realize he still didn’t have my respect, he could have learned something. Now, he might have to learn it under more desperate circumstances.”
      “I am programmed to protect you.”
      “Where is the part of your programming that let’s me teach people a lesson.”

      Morna became busy with cross-correlations.
      Mura offered: “Morna was right within her constraints. You were right within your constraints. Zalen was right within his. We all have constraints, limits to action and understanding. Even in the spiritual realm we need to learn how to overcome our constraints.” She turned her attention toward the adults: “Verta wanted to free Zalen from a block in his social development. Morna wanted to fulfill her duty. Zalen wanted to prove his worth. All were constrained by their beliefs. Yet, the greatest freedom from constraints is love. Morna doesn’t fully understand love, Zalen is blocking himself from it, and Verta is learning how to express it.”

      “Gee, mom, all I wanted to do was give the boy a lesson in living. You always have to make it a spiritual journey.”

      Mura was used to Verta’s ways. The adults were shocked at Verta’s directness. The other youth now had a new champion.


  2. Barbara Blackcinder March 30, 2013 at 7:35 am

    Thanks for the peek into your book and your civilization. Let’s hope that their Peace continues, and ours begins.


    • Alexander M Zoltai March 30, 2013 at 8:57 am

      A Big Amen to that Barb!!! :-)


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