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More Writing Prompts . . .

Some folks feel “Writing Prompts” is an overused phrase, suggesting “Self-Assignments” is a “nicer” way to indicate that many writers need a jolt to get over the dark depression called “Writer’s Block”.

Back in March, I had a post here called All Kinds of Writing Prompts . . . in which I said:

“Prompting can come from more than a word or two. It may be a sentence heard or read, an article or essay, or even a complete book that Prompts the writer to take things in their own literary direction

There’s a fascinating site referenced in that post that has full stories that can be used to get the creative writer moving.

One response to that post is worth replicating here:

“I have blocks on rare occasions, but they’re never lacks of ideas so much as a lack of inspiration to work on the ones I have. All a prompt is going to do is add another idea to not write about to the list — lol”

Perhaps that writer needs more “Reason To Write”—more confidence in their ability to say things that are valuable to others

Of course, a writer doesn’t have to imagine they suffer from writer’s block to use writing prompts; and, the wide world outside the writer’s cave has a plethora of prompts—moving, breathing, blooming, careening prompts

But, I do understand the situation, most deeply and personally, of a writer who would rather stay in the cave and reach out electronically.


Even though it’s easy enough to put “writing prompts” into Google and become deluged with options, here are a few of my Picks:

Easy Street Prompts — with picture and video prompts plus random words.

Visual Writing Prompts — which isn’t actually only visual and could be considered to have “plot prompts” or even “I Dare You to Write” Prompts.

writing prompts — is a wonderful collection of words and images, creativiely juxtaposed and offered by a teacher who has a Wish List on Amazon for their students <<< you can buy books for the kids :-)

The Time Is Now — from one of my Best Friend’s favorite Sites, Poets & Writers—with Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Non-Fiction Prompts; plus, a side-bar with various writers’ methods of inspiration.

Creative Writing Prompts — is a real grab-bag of highly-varied prompts.

Have any favorite writing prompt spaces or techniques?

Do, please, share them in the Comments :-)
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3 responses to “More Writing Prompts . . .

  1. Jane Watson December 14, 2012 at 2:05 am

    I have found the works of Eric Maisel on the psychology of writing very interesting and especially his take on writer’s block in his books, “Deep Writing” and “The Van Gogh Blues”. In the first book he talks about: Hushing The Mind, Holding The Intention, Making Choices, Honoring The Process, Befriending the Work, Evaluating the Work and Doing What’s Required. These steps all serve as prompts if you like to help you engage in the writing process.


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