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Advice for Authors from Jane Friedman

If you use the Subject Index Links (in the side-bar), Writing Advice & Writing Tips will give you a total of 39 posts to read.

Many of those posts are cautionary—be sure you think for yourself, no matter who’s giving the advice—let yourself break rules if the words you write feel right—if you’re just beginning, read many authors’ opinions before accepting a point-of-view

Jane Friedman is the former editor of Writers’ Digest and of The Virginia Quarterly Review.

Her site includes many sections that can be considered as potential aid to one’s writing life and practice:

There’s Jane’s Writing Advice Archive.

Her Resource List for understanding the future of publishing.

Her section on How To Get Your Book Published.

Her Definition of Author “Platform”.

The Checklist for Evaluating E-Publishing Services.

Plus, More, so Explore :-)

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4 responses to “Advice for Authors from Jane Friedman

  1. Jane Watson October 22, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    What I love about blogs is that so often they lead you to places you don’t expect to go – which delight you. I loved reading on this blog about R.C. Bach’s blog, especially the candid exposition of his struggle with an education system which could not recognise what a precious asset every student is. When I went on to Jane Friedman’s site I realised that I had seen her before, even in other capacities as editor of Writer’s Digest, but that I had not paid enough attention to her blog… which delighted with its writerly advice. It was there I discovered the writer’s market database, Duotrope: Check it out!


  2. Jane Watson October 22, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    I do know of the Virginia Quarterly Review :-). Well it just goes to show, Alex, that I am so engrossed in your excellent blog I do not notice the sidebars as much as I should! ;-)


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