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Global Blogging for Readers, Writers, and Publishers

I was born in the U.S.A., lived most of my life here, visited 4 other countries, and lived for a year in Viet Nam.

I work hard to write this blog for a world audience.

True, I can only write in English :-(

But, I have visitors from over 120 countries of our world.

Little chance of my writing this blog in 120 languages—a bit embarrassing that people from all those countries can read English and I can’t read their languages

Still, no matter what language one uses to write, we can all strive to address issues as World Citizens.

It’s been said, for all our differences, we still are very much alike

The folks at WordPress, who give me this wonderful platform to use for blogging, began showing me the countries my visitors are from back in February.

True, a “visitor” to a blog is not necessarily a “reader” of the blog.

One month after I began seeing where visitors came from, I showed the stats.

It’s now been 7 months, with a few changes in the order of countries, and I’ll show them again—to let you ponder the physical space this digital platform lets you enter :-)

First, I’ll show the countries that had, on average, at least 10 visitors per month:

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 8,837
Australia FlagAustralia 870
Canada FlagCanada 720
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 710
Germany FlagGermany 679
India FlagIndia 265
Philippines FlagPhilippines 146
Portugal FlagPortugal 131
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 95
France FlagFrance 92
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 75
Sweden FlagSweden 71

And, a bit less elegantly, those countries with at least 5 visitors per month:

Spain 62, Brazil 54, Singapore 53, Italy 53, Indonesia 51, Ecuador 48, Malaysia 43, New Zealand 43, Israel 38, Romania 38, Argentina 37, Denmark 36, Pakistan 36

Care to tell us in the Comments what country you’ve “traveled” from to read this blog?
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3 responses to “Global Blogging for Readers, Writers, and Publishers

  1. Once October 6, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    From Canada…your neighbour…


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