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The Value of An Empty Mind

Yesterday was the only time I’ve published a post with a Title but no Body.

I got comments!

I almost didn’t post at all

I was reeling from an attack by what we call Griefers in the virtual world Second Life.

I want to try to relate this to a Writer’s Life.

I’d experienced these attacks before—they range from someone acting mean at an event to a gang of griefers using sophisticated software to move objects around and end up making everyone crash out of the simulation—back on the computer desktop and unable to return to where you were.

Eventually, you can go back and clean up the mess—though, this time I had an emotional mess that took a couple days to heal

Previous to this attack, I’d been experiencing some of the finest days of my life on Book Island—the particular place in Second Life that I work at for at least 30 hours every week—managing our nine events—Open Mic, Writers’ Chat, Readers’ Chat, a Poetry/Music session, a Horror/Comedy hour—twice each week, two Global Peace Chats, and our newest event, Microfiction & More

Being active with all this, while keeping up my five blog posts a week, is what I do to keep my usually very private writer-self engaged in the world—meeting new people, making friends, living through challenges, making plans, and working toward long-term Goals

So, since I’d weathered griefer attacks before, what made this one rip so deeply into my heart?

Why was I considering never returning to Second Life (considering for only a very short time)?

My best evaluation, so close to the situation, is that, as I’ve mentioned, just before the attack and leading up to it for a few days I’d been experiencing some of the best times I’d ever had on Book Island—I was on an emotional high

These are the times we are all most prone to being devastatingly hurt—the times our heart can be ripped-out, our minds flooded with less than noble thoughts, our existence darkened and, seemingly, defeated

Even when our life on earth is given resilience by philosophic or religious beliefs, we are still targets for the lost souls who need to terrorize others to feel any strength of being

Writers experience these types of people when they craft stories—creating some of the best examples of the worst kinds of people.

It’s when the nature of evil escapes from the writer’s mind and appears in the world that their better self can sometimes face more pressure than feels bearable and they begin to consider checking out of living

What do we do when the ills of life outweigh the blessings?

What can be done when others act in ways that wound our souls?

I fear many a fine author has had their writing career stopped in its tracks by others’ terrorizing behavior.

I know it takes a certain amount of Faith in humanity to continue to write towards purposeful ends.

So, I come to the state of mind mentioned in yesterday’s and today’s post-titles: EMPTY

If you check the root meanings for “empty”, you find “at leisure” and “not meeting”.

Yesterday, my mind was not meeting others—I didn’t attend two events on Book Island

Tomorrow, I will attend two events

If the griefers return, we have a new defense—our Manager has created a Safe House—we will disappear from the Island, simultaneously.

Perhaps the griefers will wilt away from not having anyone to terrorize

This is a well-known method for writers when the task seems too hard or fate seems to be throwing obstacles—retreat, go into leisure-mode, leave the writing unmet—come back to it when your Healed Heart is beating again, when your Emptied Mind has enough Reason to resume
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