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Publishing Wisdom From a Whippersnapper :-)

Just in case you’ve never heard the word “whippersnapper”, it means “a young and inexperienced person considered to be presumptuous or overconfident”.

I found one through Twitter—Jolina Petersheim.

Her status as a whippersnapper is her own judgement

Based on her personal definition, we have a few more of them in our Author Interviews and some aren’t all that young :-)

I’ve tried to be a whippersnapper many times in my life—almost got to be good at it—but I was destined to become a maverick.

Perhaps, some day, over a cup of tea, I’ll explain the fine distinctions between the two epithets

I found a video by Jolina called Publishing Wisdom From a Whippersnapper— her first novel is due out in 2013.

As you watch Jolina and her baby, listen carefully

This whippersnapper does have some words of wisdom:

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2 responses to “Publishing Wisdom From a Whippersnapper :-)

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