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Humor, Irony, Exaggeration, and Ridicule . . .

This post is mostly for writers so those of you who come to this blog for articles on reading could profitably skip this one and, instead, click on “Reading” in the Top Tags widget in the left side-bar ( there are 42 posts :-)

The words in the title of this post are straight out of my Oxford dictionary as indicatives of “satire”.

Of course, those four methods are what are used in the rest of the definition of satire: “…to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices…”

And, for those of my readers who feel it’s not acceptable to attempt to prove someone’s stupidity, remember that its definition is “behaviour that shows a lack of good sense or judgement” and, in truth, who doesn’t, sometimes (or, more often), lose good sense and judgement?

Plus, to soften the blow, “stupid” come from word roots that mean being amazed or stunned—the positively-salvaged result of feeling stupid :-)

I’m going to reference two writers who happened to end up in the same Google Alert in my email this morning and who both use satire to expose certain stupidities.

The first writer is Christina Pesoli who wrote, Too Legit to Quit: How to Use Rejection As Fuel for Your “Career” As a Struggling Writer.

I do hope you’ll go read her post—for the satire and for a hard-hitting reminder that legacy publishers are not the only way for a writer to successfully give birth to a book.

The other writer is Joe Konrath who wrote Writers’ Code of Ethics.

You can find 18 posts in the left side-bar referencing Joe :-)

While Christina hews toward Humor and Exaggeration in her Satire, Joe uses more Irony and Ridicule

His main topic (though he drops the satire half-way through and pursues a related topic with vengeance) is a recent hot-wave of criticism in the media about a writer who faked reviews of his own work.

I do hope you’ll read Joe’s article but be aware that he never pulls a punch, even when a healthy sense of social decorum might counsel restraint—his rather harsh approach is still clearly instructive

I began this post pointing toward Reading and I’ve lately been soft-peddling on posts that cover the intricacies of Publishing.

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