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When’s The Last Time Someone Read You A Story?

Remember the joy of being read to?

Was your last time when you were a child? Has anyone read to you in your adulthood?

Ever been to an author reading?

I remember, when I was in my 50s, having someone read Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy to me—pure joy! :-)

I found a post by Kimberly Mayer called The Power of Story in which she says:

“The long lost art of readings, where writings are offered as gifts. I come away from each one knowing I am holding and have been entrusted with an enormous bouquet. Readings reintroduce each one of us to the primal importance of story. At a reading we are in that heaven again and wonder why it ever stopped?”

I guess I’m lucky my friend read Douglas Adams’ story to me.

I know I appreciate the author readings I facilitate on Book Island in the virtual world Second Life.

We gather at the Book Island Library at 1pm US Pacific Time for our Open Mic; folks from many countries—each represented by our avatars (the particular figure you adopt to represent you in a virtual world—some folks go for fidelity to their Real Life selves, some are far more creative).

There’s the lady from Wales with the intriguing voice and her often dark stories

There’s the man from Maryland who reads his MicroFiction (short, short, short stories)

There’s the avatar, Car Johnson, representing the main character from Rebekah Webb’s book

Plus, we never know when someone new will show up, reading portions from published stories or works in progress

What is the Magic of Story?

How does it’s texture change from when reading to ourselves to being read to?

What does it feel like inside when you’ve read to a child?

Have you ever read to an adult?

Have you ever had a story read to you as an adult?

Does it makes sense that some of the Power of Story comes from our Unconscious—from the race memories of our ancestors, long before folks put their stories down on rock or paper?
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2 responses to “When’s The Last Time Someone Read You A Story?

  1. martinaseveckepohlen July 24, 2012 at 1:00 am

    I taught my daughter to read when she was five. We established a rule that she read to me fifteen minutes everyday – this was hard work for both of us. Then one day she walked into the kitchen with a book she had just been given and simply started to read. It was bliss. I had never understood why people went to readings, now I knew. The text changes subtly, I noticed that when she read to me books I had read before.


  2. Alexander M Zoltai July 24, 2012 at 5:37 am

    Marvelous, Martina :-),

    First because you write of her reading to you, not you reading to her—wondering now how many parents institute that behavior

    Then, the change in texture from one reader to another


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