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Writers Often “Chew On Life’s Big Questions” . . .

Sure, there are books and stories that are light and easy to digest.

Then, there are the works that need to be well-chewed, while being written and while being read.

Then, there are actors like Rainn Wilson, best-known for his role as Dwight Schrute on the TV show The Office.

Rainn has a WebSite called SoulPancake that lets folks chew on Life’s Big Questions in fun, creative, and imaginative ways.

They have Conversations—Discuss questions, quotes, videos, and more

They have Activities—Flex your creativity and get out into the world

And, they have Perspectives—Dive into the minds of fascinating people

So, you can go to SoulPancake and “Speak your mind. Upload your questions. Figure out what it means to be human.”

Last time I checked, there were a slew of writers who do things like this :-)

In fact, “Rainn Wilson invites you to open your heart without feeling like an idiot.”

Now, SoulPancake has a YouTube channel.

My take on the SouPancake phenomenon is that an intelligent man who happens to play a slightly insane person on a major television show has created a unique WebSite that helps people approach and explore the ineffable and somewhat inexpressible aspects of life

If you’re a writer (or reader or publisher) who’s been chewing on some of Life’s Big Questions and you’re just about ready to tear your hair out, you might be advised to try SoulPancake first.

Check out this promo video from Rainn:

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