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The Connected Writer

Finally got my new ISP installed and thought this would be a good time to consider some past posts about writers and the Digital Environment.

In the post, The Connected Author ~ Writing and The Internet, I relate the importance of making Real friends with an Internet connection

In the post, Authors Promoting Each Other by Interviewing Each Other, I show how authors can help each other through the Internet

In the post, Is Life In The Digital World Useful or Dangerous?, I ask the question, “…even though being in a virtual world seems advantageous to me, are there aspects of digital interaction that are subtly keeping me from being fully productive or, even worse, undermining my sane and healthy development?”, then share two videos worth thinking about

In the post, Social Networking for Mavericks, I give more info on how I use a virtual world through the Internet to aid Promotion of my work

And, in the post, Not “Self-Publishing” Because You Lack Technical Digital/Electronic Knowledge?, I look at one aspect of what could keep a writer from Self-Publishing

So, life is fresher for this particular writer since he got a better Internet Service Provider and I’ll continue my Digital-Writer’s-Life with a bit more verve

Do you think working in the Digital Environment is a “necessary” task for today’s writer?

If you truly feel you can’t master some of the tasks in the Digital Environment, can you find someone to help you?

If you’re promoting your writing on the popular Social Networks, is it “working” for you?

Have you ever considered using a virtual world to aid you in your Writing-Life?
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