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Favorite Writing, Book, and Publishing Blogs

I have no idea how many blogs there are for Readers, Writers and Publishers.

But, I’m wondering how many folks have a few favorites in those categories.

“Writing” blogs are the ones I tend to not read—something about being well-along in years and deeply fond of my own way of doing things

“Book” blogs can be of two kinds—blogs about things like bindings, covers, fonts, paper-quality, etc. and blogs that specialize in doing reviews of books.

“Publishing” blogs seem to be sprouting up like zombies in a B-grade movie. There’re the ones defending Traditional publishing, the ones glorifying Self-Publishing, and the ones that vacillate between the two.

And, there’re two varieties of each of those types of Publishing blogs—the serious/sincere ones and  the ones that focus on wild speculation about what will happen Just About Any Unexpected Time Now.

I only have a handful of blogs I like to keep going back to but there are so many that might be worth reading that I know nothing about.

Then, there are some I used to read but suddenly have reason to “rediscover”.

I use Google Alerts to find news, articles, and blog posts I can talk about here.

This morning, I checked my saved links and pulled out Lost Sight of the Game? Find it Again. by Victoria Mixon—Great Post but, as sometimes happens, while reading it and pondering how to report on it, I changed my focus.

I’d noticed something on the blog, called Writer Unboxed—I’d been there many times in the past but forgot that this blog has over 20 regular contributing writersperhaps, it can be one of my favorites :-)

Other blogs that are my favorites (plus a few non-blog links) are in my BlogRoll, in the left side-panel under those pictures of our Readers

If you’re the kind of reader who likes certain blog posts but never makes a comment, I do hope you’ll find a hidden reserve of courage (or, at least Daring) and mention some of your favorite Reading, Writing, and Publishing blogs in our Comments.
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8 responses to “Favorite Writing, Book, and Publishing Blogs

  1. Simone Benedict April 5, 2012 at 2:39 am

    I like nfaa.wordpress blog!

    I guess I’m like you in that I don’t read many writing blogs. Yours is the only one I read about writing. I do like Lou Beach’s flash fiction a lot. Cayman Thorn over at drinkswellwithothers on wordpress just began busting out some on that. I enjoy his writing as well. I’ll have to check, or recheck, some of the writers on your blogroll.


  2. cmmarcum April 6, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Two things strike me about your blog today.

    …Writing blogs are ones I tend to not read…

    The rules of writing are based on such profound logic that once studied there is little room for rebellion. Ergo, the only worthy discussions are about the correct application of said rules. After all, it is one thing to study the rules and another thing to apply them. Hey?

    …If you’re the kind of reader who likes certain blog posts but never makes a comment…

    I faithfully read The Steve Laube Agency Blog everyday but I can’t recall ever leaving a comment. Now, you’ve got me wondering why. I don’t always agree with every topic. Mostly I do but not always. Still, there must be a reason. You know I’m not shy. Analyzing….

    I suppose I like this blog because Laube often directs the reader to other blogs, so it’s not written in one voice with one point of view. Ideal, don’t you think?


  3. Alexander M Zoltai April 6, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    Dear C. M.,

    I, too, strive for a bit of that “ideal” quality in this blog, unless there’s something I feel only I can say; then, once said, I’m sure many folks feel my personal opinion is what they’ve already come to believe

    Someone once said: We’re all more alike then we’re different.

    As far as folks not commenting, I’m sure there are many reasons beyond the most touted one—fear.


  4. Sarah Stephens August 21, 2012 at 5:45 am

    When I read your blog it pushes me to check Writing, Book, and Publishing Blogs because I have not explored it before but now I search list of writing books and publishing blogs for me to apply in my daily routine at work. Thank you Alexander!


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