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Readers, Writers, Publishers ~ Can We Have A Win-Win-Win Situation?

It’s no wonder, in a world plagued by corporate media and international tensions, that the flux in the way books are created, distributed, and absorbed would be cast as a “war” between the three protagonists.

It’s obvious, without writers, readers and publishers would starve.

So, let’s assume we’ll always have folks who feel they Must write.

Will we always have big publishing houses?

In a previous post, Will Traditional Publishers Survive?, I asked the question, “Do you agree that the Digital Revolution is just one more ‘adjustment’ the traditional publishers need to consider?”

Will readers suffer from the surge in self-published books?

In the post, Are Readers The Winners In The New Publishing Game?, I said, “I do believe that, eventually, readers will have an exceedingly easy time in finding exactly what they desire; and, that they will become the primary ‘gatekeepers‘ in the Book-World.”

It’s certain that writers who take a non-traditional approach to publishing have to find ways of reaching their readers.

And, traditional publishers may be paying closer attention to readers’ real desires.

In a recent GalleyCat article, Publishers To Invest In Reader Data For Marketing, it’s said, “…that almost 71 percent of publishers agreed with the statement, ‘To be successful, the publisher of the future must have a database of individual customers it can have a relationship with and even contact directly.'”

It’s fascinating to me that many writers are already making sure they can contact and have a relationship with readers

Do you think traditional publishers will eventually form meaningful relationships with readers?

Can you imagine a world where readers have real input to the decisions publishers make?

Are writers fated to become their own publishers?

Is it conceivable that, eventually, readers, writers, and publishers can all Win?
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4 responses to “Readers, Writers, Publishers ~ Can We Have A Win-Win-Win Situation?

  1. Simone Benedict February 28, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    I like that what you call this war has three protagonists. I have many thoughts about that, but in general, yes I believe it will all work out as a win-win-win. It’s just that some may win a little more than others. :-)


    • Alexander M Zoltai February 28, 2012 at 7:13 pm

      So, Simone, who do you think might Win the Most?? :-)


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