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Yet More Writing Resources . . .

writing advice I’ve had a number of posts here that highlight various modes of advice-sifting.

Sadly, sifting through creative writing advice for the really good stuff often becomes a budding writers full-time job

Still, I try to provide links to resources when I find them and hope folks remember that persistence in writing (and re-writing) as well as reading creative fiction are still the best all-round training tools.

Yet, here I go pointing you toward a previous post which points to three more posts—some with writing tips and some with writing warnings: Writing Resources, Revisited…

And, I’m going to add another potential source of writing advice.

One from former literary agent Nathan Bransford: Writing Advice Database.

Last, let me repeat my three Don’ts for budding creative writers:

Don’t pay anyone a penny until you’ve written the equivalent of a novel and even then you should probably wait much longer.

Don’t listen to people who are willing to give you free information until you’ve read some of their creative writing. { blogs can actually count as creative writing :-}

Don’t get caught up in reading writing advice until you’ve given yourself the chance to write what you feel is the best work you can produce.

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7 responses to “Yet More Writing Resources . . .

  1. Simone Benedict February 27, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    Always appreciate your resources my friend! Your advice in this post for budding writers is absolutely right on!


  2. Catana February 27, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Those three Don’ts are more useful than so many of the Dos that people try to pass off as the right way to do things.


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