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Is How To Publish Really Hard To Decide?

publishing Considering that current common categories of publishing include traditional, vanity, subsidy, PrintOnDemand, self-, and indie, I can see that some writers are feeling nearly nauseous trying to decide which path to take.

If you do a search for ways to publish, you’ll find a wealth of confusing ideas and opinions.

My considered opinion, after a couple years of research is that FastPencil plus a willingness to learn how to promote your books is the best path.

Obviously, others will disagree

My answer to the title of this post is an unequivocal, “Yes.”.

Still, I hope writers nearing the adventure of being published can feel that what they’ve written is worth some hard work.

This blog is eight years old and I’ve written many articles about Publishing.

The best ways to find them is to use the Subject Index Links in the left side-bar; or, the search bar at the upper right

I’m sorry if the title of this post misled you into thinking I was going to give you a cut-and-dried, simple, formulaic method for deciding which path to take in the publishing arena—things are changing, new methods are proliferating, the economy is tossing methods and people and companies every whichway

One thing that might help a bit while you’re researching and deciding how to publish is to consider that a book isn’t the only format available.

A man I’ve referenced many times here, Joel Friedlander, wrote a post about a year ago that still has value for the enterprising writer: 17 Ways for Writers to Publish Their Content.

If you’re a writer who’s cringing under the onslaught of decisions determining how you’ll publish, his list could open new paths that please :-)

Check out that link and read what Joel says about these ways of publishing: Printed book, Ebook, App(lication), Audiobook, Serialization, Blog, Articles, Teleseminar, Webinar, E-course, Workshops, Free reports, Infographics, Interviews, Animation, Web video, and Speaking engagements.

And, it would be really cool if my giving you even more to consider has ended up showing you the answer to a dilemma.

Let me know in the comments…
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