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Libraries Weathering The Storm In Publishing

Some of you haven’t been to a library in years. Some still utilize them regularly.

One thing is for sure, some libraries may close from the friction of dragging their feet.

Others are stepping out into new forms of service.

In the previous post, Been To Your Local Library Lately?, I linked to a study that said, “…regular public library users don’t just borrow books. They are also active books buyers who make many of their purchasing decisions based on the authors or books they first discover in the library.”

In another one called, Should We All Self-Publish A Book?, I reference stories about a few libraries getting into the publishing business.

One of those, the Sacramento Public Library in California, U.S.A, is really getting their act together.

If you visit their site, you’ll see that they:

Help people Write—“Whether you are a beginning writer or a seasoned professional, we have a class for you.”

Help People Publish—“We can print whatever book you can write.”

Help People Read—“The Espresso Book Machine: print from a database of over three million titles.”

Talk about a Full-Service Library :-)

What’s you local library like??
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5 responses to “Libraries Weathering The Storm In Publishing

  1. cmmarcum December 23, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Back in the good ole days the loudest thing one could hear in a library or bookstore was ‘sssh.’ Now there is the Kiddie Korner, screaming babies, one-sided cell phone conversations, coffee shops, laughter, a news station playing on a flat screen, and teenagers dancing to muffled music via earphones.

    No, thanks, cheri. In some cases, modernization doesn’t work out too well for the establishment. Libraries are the one thing that should not update but go retro, No shirt, no shoes, no smoking, no babies. It’s really quite simple: books+ musty smells+ cool darkness+silence = readers.

    Sorry, to put a damper on your post. Sometimes I think I should just shut-up. Why don’t you run me off???


    • Alexander M Zoltai December 23, 2011 at 2:13 pm

      I don’t think you’ve dampened the post at all, C. M., you just aired-out your opinion.

      I haven’t been in a library in many years but would think that they just might save some space where the rest of the up-to-dateness is held at bay—a RetroRoom :-)


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