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Learning from The Best ~ But, How Do You Find Them?

With all the changes going on in publishing, not only writers need to find the best sources of information and advice; readers would do well to pay close attention, being the consumers of what writers and publishers produce.

One of my go-to experts is Jane Friedman, full-time professor of e-media at the University of Cincinnati and, formerly, publisher and strategic leader of all content and community for F+W Media, corporate parent of Writer’s Digest.

My past seven posts featuring Jane Friedman show the wide range of topics she can address

One of her recent posts gives us a glimpse into where she turns for information and inspiration.

12 Must-Read Articles from 2011 is, itself, a Must-Read :-)

To encourage you to follow that link, here are the articles Jane recommends:

Accessibility vs. Access: How the Rhetoric of “Rare” Is Changing in the Age of Information Abundance
by Maria Popova

Wikipedia and The Death of the Expert by Maria Bustillos

Advice for Young Journalists in the Digital Age by Nate Silver

There Are Some People Who Don’t Wait: Robert Krulwich on the Future of Journalism

Is the Future of Physical Book Publishing the Same as the Future of Reading and Writing? by Daniel Nester

The Web is a Customer Service Medium by Paul Ford

The Resume Is Dead, The Bio Is King by Michael Margolis

The Ultimate Crowdfunding To-Do List: Before You Launch by Nathaniel Hansen

The 7 Biggest Fan Page Marketing Mistakes by Brian Carter

Facebook and the Epiphanator: An End to Endings? by Paul Ford

What Books Will Become by Kevin Kelly

Monoculture: How Our Era’s Dominant Story Shapes Our Lives, a book review by Maria Popova

Jane’s comment on those articles: “You may not agree with the arguments you’ll find, but you have to give them credit for being original and thought-provoking. They will enrich your thinking about writing and publishing, and give you a more nuanced perspective of the industry.”

I’d love to know which articles You found most interesting :-)
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3 responses to “Learning from The Best ~ But, How Do You Find Them?

  1. Barbara Blackcinder December 19, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    I hope I’m not repeating myself, but it seems to me that the old publishing system, will do well eventually by publishing works that have been established in ebooks rather than speculate on their own warped perspective as to what will make them money eventually. Yes, I do prefer reading with a wad of paper in my hand, even if it does cause arthritis. :-)


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