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My Best Friend’s Best Friend . . .

Some folks have the same best friend for their whole life; some have serial best friends, as life swallows or absconds with people

I’m an author. My current best friend is an author. Her best friend is an author. Does this seem strange to you?

Or. perhaps, all authors seem strange to you, even if you like some of the books they produce

One of the strangest things for me is finding in another author’s words the sensations and feelings I thought were internally unique to me.

My best friend’s best friend is Paddy O’Reilly and she managed to invoke that strange awareness in me

She’s won many awards and published both novels and short stories.

My best friend sent me a link to an interview in the literary journal, Verity La, called, Snapshots of Truth.

The tone of the piece made me feel like I was at a Cafe table with Alec Patric and Paddy, listening to their high-level literary chat.

Paddy said a number of things that startled me because of the powerful way they resonated with my own experience:

“I always think that interpreting your own work for the reader is a mistake – either you constrict the reader in their reading, or you constrict the story in its possibilities.”

“Not that I’m saying I sit around waiting for the magical moment to arrive, that moment of the plunge into a half-lit world where stories come from…. impossibly, I feel myself sinking and when I return to normal consciousness I find I have caught hold of a story and pulled it back up with me.”

“People often talk about what is ‘left out’ of a story but I think that rather than leaving things out what we must do is allow the words in the story to carry the weight of the lives contained in it, even when not everything is explicitly described.”

“I think you can have all the integrity in the world, but that won’t help a story that does not have a human truth at its core. Just as earnestness will not compensate for sentimentality. Just as beautiful language will not compensate for emptiness. That is the struggle — to create work of value.”

Are those quotes enough to make you click on this link for her latest book, The Fine Colour of Rust?
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