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When You’re Too Afraid of The Future To Embrace It . . .

The world has been changing, radically, since the mid-1800s.

The pace of radical change has been consistently increasing.

Publishing, along with writing and reading, are in the spin-cycle

Back in late November, I published two posts that I felt could add some clarity to what’s changing—Some Publishing Advice from Two Extremely Successful Authors and More on The Konrath/Eisler Conversation.

Those posts featured a conversation between Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath called, Be The Monkey.

As I’d said, this conversation “has nearly every issue a writer could consider when comparing the state of Traditional and Indie Publishing; and, Barry and Joe have deep experience in both realms.”

It now appears the Hachette Book Group, an extremely large publishing firm, has had a “leaked” document escape their inner sanctum—a document that “explains” their “relevance”.

Mr. Konrath contacted Mr. Eisler and they; well, let me quote Joe from his post, Eisler & Konrath Vs. Hachette:

“I was published by Hachette, and for the most part I enjoyed working with them. They’re good people and dedicated professionals.

“But boy, their memo is a giant bowl of steaming fail. And they dropped the ball when it came to me, too. More on that below.

“So I called up my friend Barry Eisler and begged him to convince me to just let it go and not do a blog post about how silly the memo is.

“Instead, Barry read the memo and said, come on, we should just fisk this sucker together.”

I heartily recommend reading their conversation, Be The Monkey, before reading their conversation about the Hachette document but, for sheer entertainment from watching two seasoned authors tear-apart the vacuous ramblings of a publisher too afraid to embrace the future, Joe’s post is dynamite
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5 responses to “When You’re Too Afraid of The Future To Embrace It . . .

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  2. Tomas December 14, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    Dear Alexander, I so want to leave a comment, but do not know what -how to say what’s on my heart. All words melt into the colors – while reading about you I sense something like a tender touch of wind – the refreshing experience, yet the elusive – above the words I know…
    Dear Alexander, I remind the days when you visited my blogs (almost each new post received your priceless comments then) yet something have happened – your comments stopped one day. Why? What was the cause?
    I apologize for these questions, yet there is no day for I do not think about us… through the lens of past – excuse me for such selfishness, I just wish to be sincere and to wish all the best to you.
    Respectfully yours Tomas Karkalas


  3. Alexander M Zoltai December 15, 2011 at 1:23 am

    My dear Tomas,

    My lack of comments on your sites is from lack of time…

    I wrote and published a book; I’m now promoting the book (which takes more hours than I have in any day); I’m preparing to write another book…

    My lack of comments does not mean I don’t respect and admire you…

    The post I did should show you this… I hope:
    Please click this link—>


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