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Writers Learning from Other Artists . . .

Francis Ford Copolla has said, “The short story is the natural narrative, linear narrative to become a film. Many, many short stories have become films.”

Copolla also gave indications for how to use a novel to make a film.

And, as a writer, I’ve always learned a lot from films; most recently, the movie Traffic.

But the purpose of this post is to pay tribute to a unique artist, Tomas Karkalas.

I’ve known him for quite awhile and his particular form of art is intriguing—taking photos of life and manipulating them into works of art

Like many artists, he’s a bit modest and will often excuse his “Lithuanian English”, but I even find the way he writes creative.

Please do visit the last two links to discover this amazing artist and pay close attention to a particular part of the comment he left in yesterday’s post. It’s important enough to format in a special way because it’s something this writer has learned from an artist in another field of creativity:

Publishing is the inevitable – is like a breathing, like the signature of being alive.

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2 responses to “Writers Learning from Other Artists . . .

  1. Selena December 8, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    Love this type of art; manipulated photos. Another fantastic artist is Alice Popkorn. Thanks for sharing Tomas’ link!


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