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More on The Konrath/Eisler Conversation

Yesterday, I featured a conversation between Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath (both highly successful authors) called, Be The Monkey.

I realize many blog readers don’t follow links and may not discover how rich in content that conversation is.

It has nearly every issue a writer could consider when comparing the state of Traditional and Indie Publishing; and, Barry and Joe have deep experience in both realms.

To help encourage a few more readers to actually click that link up there and download the full conversation { it’s FREE }, I’m going to put the Table of Contents here:

Part One
The Rise of eBooks and Self-publishing
The Future of Paper
What Do These Changes Mean for Writers?
The Virtual Bookshelf and Dynamic Pricing
Readers: the People Who Buy the Eggs
The Revolution is Here
The NYT Bestseller List and Authors With Stockholm Syndrome
Digital Royalties and “Lookback” Provisions
Publisher Reaction and Counterarguments
The Tipping Point
Similar Risks, Different Context
The Long Tail: Long-term Benefits of Self-Publishing
Promotion and Marketing: Legacy vs. Indie
Legacy Publishers: Adding Value?
Paper vs. Digital Sales: A Zero-sum Game?
The Future: the “Self” in “Self-Publishing,” E-stributors, and Indie Publishing
Part Two
Another Conversation? But Why? Answers to This and Other Questions
Bestselling Indie Author Amanda Hocking Just Signed with a Legacy Publisher. Doesn’t That Mean You’re Wrong?
What About the Glut of Self-Published Books? How Will Anyone Know Which Are Good?
But Don’t You Need an Editor?
Isn’t Piracy Scary for Indies?
Your Negro Baseball League Analogy Was Outrageous
Aren’t You Guys Forgetting How Much You Give Up On The Paper Side When You Go Indie?
Which Leads to The “Shame on Publishers Marketplace” Heading, to Make This Section Easier for Publishers Marketplace to Find
Go Indie, or Go Legacy? Here’s the Math
Who Will Be the New Players in Digital, and How Should Authors Pay Them?
A Few Misconceptions
Part Three
Is It Hypocritical for An Author to Self-publish and Also Publish with An Amazon Imprint? And What’s in That Contract, Anyway?
Is Exclusivity Bad for the Industry?
A Working Definition of “Legacy Publishing”
Is Amazon a Legacy Publisher?
It Has to Be Either/Or. And Other Examples of Erroneous Thinking
Briefly Returning to the Question of: If The Big Six Are Legacy Publishers, What Do We Call Amazon?
And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Erroneous Thinking Topic
How Do Brick and Mortar Bookstores Succeed in the New Publishing Landscape?
And How Do Literary Agents Succeed?
Next Steps in the Evolution of Ebooks
Be the Monkey

There’s so much good information in this document that multiple readings would clearly be most profitable :-)
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