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The Gifts of Social Networking

My social networking isn’t done on FaceBook, Twitter, or Google Plus (though I do still publish links to my blog posts on G+). It’s not even done in the “real world”. I go to a place called Book Island and I make friends—if your social contacts aren’t friends, you run the risk of cheating them or yourself

Back in October, Joel Friedlander asked me to do a guest post about how I network and promote my book in Second Life.

Case In Point: A number of months ago, I was at one of the Literary Happy Hours we have on Book Island and a woman named Eithne McBride showed up.

She’s the Managing Editor of SecondNighters Magazine and was going to do a story about a major event the Island was hosting.

The article was great and time passed on

A couple weeks ago, I was hanging out with a few friends in front of another friend’s new shop on Book Island (there are 60 shops for authors, editors, publishers, and artists).

Eithne was there and, in the course of chatting, I offered her a free copy of one of my books.

We also talked about some ad-space I wanted to secure in her magazine to promote our Happy Hours ( more on that in December :-)

Not long after that she told me she wanted to do an article about how I was using the virtual world to promote my book; and, I gave her that link up there to the guest post on Joel Friedlander’s blog as copy to use for her article—Alexander M Zoltai ~ Author (once you click that link, go to page 147…).

As I was writing this post, I considered changing the title to The Anatomy of Gifting In Social Networking—I had no expectations when I gave Eithne my book; it just happened to be about a topic that came up in conversation. I expected no gift in return

There’s another side to this new friend of mine. She began an endeavor called The Pink Bag Project and she has a blog about it called Magnanimous Beauty. It helps the homeless and you can help her help them on her Administrative Needs Wish List

When I met her, when we became friends, when we traded gifts, when I was doing business with her, at first, I had no knowledge of her work for the homeless. All I had were my numerous experiences over 47 years of trying to hold down jobs and failing myself into homelessness………

Also, to find out lots more about how Eithne helps these fellow humans (and, to discover her “real life” first name) check out the return of her blog at ChicagoNowNeighboring The Neighborless
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