Notes from An Alien

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Above and Beyond The Call . . .

Networking can often elicit seemingly magical responses.

One would think people are closely connected at some deep psychological level.

And, I do, in fact, believe we are all connected—sometimes obviously, usually without conscious awareness.

There’s a man from Wales who maintains four blogs {whew}—one on Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, another on Kayak Journeys, yet another on the latest news and information from NASA.

His fourth blog, The Writing Desk, carried a review of my recently published book, Notes from An Alien.

It was my “co-author” and main character from the book, Sena Quaren, who first made contact with Tony Riches, a truly modern Renaissance man.

Tony then got a free copy of Notes from An Alien and contacted me about a review.

It was my first :-)

Time passed………

I recently sent an email to the 240 folks who’ve received a free copy of the book to encourage them to give me feedback on the follow-up volume as well as give any of them who’d lost the digital copy {So Much Email} a chance to have me resend the book.

Tony wrote back and offered me a guest post on his blog

Some may think it’s just the normal sort of thing that happens when you network with people.

If that were true, I’d have gotten a multitude of guest post offers

I believe there’s a bit of magic in sincere networking.

What do you think?
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