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The Ebook Boom

Short post for me today.

Just want to direct you to a cool video about the ebook phenomenon.

PBS has the post, 5Across: Beyond the Book: E-Books and Self-Publishing, about which they say:

“On this episode of 5Across we look more closely at the e-book boom, as well as the growing clout of Amazon.”

There are interviews with Dan Brodnitz, Ben Clemens, Kevin Hunsanger, Larry Jacobson, and Lorena Jones; and, those are broken-out as separate videos, by topic.

Enjoy :-)
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8 responses to “The Ebook Boom

  1. cmmarcum November 3, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    I don’t want anything on my e-reader, except titles, books and the occasional picture. If my e-reader ever throws a pop-up, ad, virus or email at me, I’ll probably freak-out. If it has the nerve to speak to me, I’ll ask for a divorce.

    Your post has placed an evil thought in my head: They will slowly phase out the old software and people will have to buy a new e-reader that WILL allow all of the horrible things mentioned above. (Of course, they will. That’s been the plan all along–to double the money in their pockets by collecting advertising dollars.) Egad, a mass exodus will occur from the ebook market, when this happens. Oh well, back to the printed page, and all the more reason to collect as many books as I can on the e-reader that I have now, before this terrible corruption takes place.


    • cmmarcum November 3, 2011 at 2:09 pm

      Predictions for the future of ebook ads:

      A Stephen King ebook will have a Motel 8 advertisement. ‘Don’t get caught in the wrong motel.’
      Hemmingway ebook — fishing lures and margarita mix.
      Romance ebook — Tampons.
      Spy book — eavesdropping devices.

      Every time you open the book, there will be a 10 minute ad!


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