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The Courage To Move Forward . . .

My previous post about seriously reducing the time I spend on Google+ and Diaspora revealed a huge decision for me.

The best I can affirm about it right now is that it just feels  right

Joel Friedlander said it best in his recent post, The Parable of the Little Book of Stories:

“Often, we can only guess at our own motives for what we do. Standing up, where we can be seen by others in a completely new way, takes a certain kind of courage.”

The post is about a woman who’d written enough short stories to self-publish a volume just for her loved ones.

Or, so she believed

She’s ended up releasing it to the public. Do read Joel’s post for the story but let me add this further snippet:

“…my friend started out with no intention of ‘publishing’. She had no ISBNs, no marketing, no distribution, no publishing company name, nothing. She did it just for the enjoyment of doing it. ”

I’ve already published my book and I’m preparing to write its companion volume. Still, moving away from common social networking and investing more time making friends in Second Life is definitely something I’m pursuing, “just for the enjoyment of doing it.”

The anxiety I’d been feeling over the time spent maintaining communication in the popular social networks, while realizing the connections made were mostly shallow, is slowly ebbing away.

That anxiety was robbing me of the spirit I need to maintain the friends I already have in Second Life.

In a post I wrote back in January, Publishing Progress ~ the Highs and the Lows…, just before I’d published Notes from An Alien, I said:

“Kicking my Social Media Pre-Publication Networking into high gear was mostly a high with many low troughs that had to do with sifting the wheat from the chaff—an ongoing slog through oceans of mundane trivialities to find and connect with sources of creative and progressive relationship.”


Back in March, in the post, Do Pre-Publication Promotion And Sanity Go Together ?, I stated my basic philosophy of Book Promotion:

“Let people get to know you, share your goals and philosophy, give them support in what they’re doing; then, maybe they’ll be interested in your book…

“And, even if they don’t want your book, they may know someone who does.”

The common social networks were not letting me follow that basic philosophy—I persisted for six months till the anxiety was so great I had to admit a few things to myself:

* Second Life lets me really get to know people and they really get to know me.

* The common social networking platforms demand, from me, an inordinate amount of effort to produce, at best, limited relationships.

* I better be sure I’m doing what helps me maintain deep relationships or I’ll go crazy

So the pain from six months (much more actually) of panning for gold in the wrong streams has called out a measure of courage—courage to go where I have the greatest odds of finding good people who I can really get to know.

It may help book sales but that’s quite secondary since I , even though the book is for sale, still give it away :-)

Check out my post, Free = Sales ~ Give It Away & Sell More…
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11 responses to “The Courage To Move Forward . . .

  1. Chaz DeSimone October 4, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Alexander, I hope this comment inspires you to realize the benefit of what your social networking has done – if not for you, but for me – and to suggest a means to promote your book.
    You, a total stranger, were one of the first people who commented on my new blog, and your personal emails to me, as well as subscribing to my posters, was like making a new friend. Though I can’t stay in touch with you as much as I’d like, I’ve written to you more than to my favorite relatives! So, yes, just like good friends, though the communication slows down, your presence and importance does not diminish – especially if you keep up your blogging and such.
    As for promoting your book, though social media is extremely powerful, the tried and true method of good old-fashioned promotion through traditional means is just as important. It is all laid out comprehensively in Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s book, The Frugal Book Promoter. In fact, the 2nd Edition with all the latest social media techniques will be released in a few days. I highly recommend this book! It’s on Amazon.
    Best of success with your book promotion and sales, Alexander. And thanks for keeping in touch.


  2. Alexander M Zoltai October 4, 2011 at 3:17 pm


    Your comment was  inspiring for me :-)
    And, folks, do visit Chaz’s Space :-)
    But, Chaz, my decision to cut way back on the common social networks was driven by two factors:

    * The anxiety of massive effort with little in the way of real connection (except in a few cases, like You :-)

    * The much greater opportunity to form deep and lasting relationships in the virtual world, Second Life.

    I’m not lessening my overall expenditure in Relationship Promotion–I’m just shifting the focus


    • chazdesimone October 4, 2011 at 7:58 pm

      Hmmm…perhaps I should check into Second Life. I’ve finally gotten into a solid routine of blogging every Thursday–only because it’s submitting a post to another company’s blog at their request. However, that has helped me keep my own blog going (sometimes by pilfering what I write for theirs!). Good thing the year is broken into months and holidays, as that keeps the posters coming. I’ve got a really cool one ready to go for Halloween. Talk to you later, my friend.


  3. Catana October 4, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    “…sifting the wheat from the chaff—an ongoing slog through oceans of mundane trivialities to find and connect with sources of creative and progressive relationship.” That’s exactly why I dropped out of everything but blogging and focused sites like Goodreads.


  4. Joel Friedlander October 4, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    Alexander, thanks for mentioning my article. I applaud your decision to change tracks in your social media engagement, because no one else knows what’s right for you. I’m fascinated by the interactions in second life, and dipped a toe in when it first became popular. I find Twitter and Google+ ideal for the kind of social media interactions I like, but that’s just me. I would be very interested in how it goes, and would also be interested in an article for my blog about how the whole book marketing and promotion you’ve been doing on second life works and the results. If you’re interested, let me know, thanks!


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