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Promotion ~ All Authors Must Deal With It

I can’t recommend the way I promote my books. Sure, I’ll tell you what I’m doing but it’s probably not for you.

I’m self-published and I’m a maverick. Luckily, there are other ways to promote :-)

I can’t assume all my readers are aware they can search for past posts with the “Subject Index Links” section in the left-panel. You’ll find “publish”, “self-publish”, and “promotion” there; and, clicking on them will give you the posts I’ve done on those topics.

I do, however, want to bring a couple links to past posts here:

Traditional vs Self-Publishing ~ Is The Promotion/Marketing Different?

Too Much Advice Can Be Dangerous

More Book Promotion Tips . . .

Joel Friedlander, cutting-edge writer on all things publishing (who I’ve linked-to here often), recently wrote the introductory articles for a new service at CreateSpace.

First, I must say that CreateSpace is one way to self-publish but I recommend FastPencil

Also, I hate the term “marketing”, mostly because far too many marketers don’t know much about the importance of real, human relationships in the realm of creating an author’s audience.

All that said, do check-out all the articles on CreateSpace’s Marketing Central.
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6 responses to “Promotion ~ All Authors Must Deal With It

  1. Simone Benedict September 22, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    I’ve been meaning to ask you which service you recommend as I could remember at least two you’ve mentioned. I’ll check out Joel Friedlander’s article. Those are always highly informative and well-done. Thank you for your help, Alexander! You are a maverick extraordinaire! :-)


  2. Simone Benedict September 23, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    In appreciation of all that you do Alexander, I’ve given you an award, the prestigious Giddyup Bloggers Award. You can check out the details over at my blog. You deserve it!


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