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Simple Question ~ Can Writers Make Money?

writers making money Answering the seemingly simple question, Can Writers Make Money, demands asking for an adjective—freelance? non-fictional? technical? poetic? fictional? Perhaps, even mainstream? or self-published?

Chris Brogan recently finished up a series of posts, all beginning with the words, Writing A Book. The first four posts appended Finding Time, Discipline, Structure, and Marketing And Promotion.

I’ve read quite of bit of Brogan and find him an intelligent and savvy fellow.

In the last post of his series, Writing A Book–Making Money, he summarizes, after a cogent explanation of his main points:

“You can make much more money faster if you sell your book as a course instead. You can make money if you sell speaking. You can make money by selling digitally instead of in paper form, and you can sell paper books, if you’re not scared off yet by my putting it dead last in the options of making money. Publishing in the mainstream doesn’t make the list exactly, because it becomes the bait in the larger game.”

OK, that works for many kinds of writers but I’m a self-published fiction author.

He does mention fiction and I’m very curious what my readers think of this statement:

“The money for fiction authors? Oh, I forgot that part. That doesn’t work. Fiction is about passion except for the very few percent of the herd who really can move books like no one’s business.”

Anyone out there feel like he might not be looking, closely enough, at the rapid flux in the book business?

Do you think the new opportunities in self-publishing will let more of the “herd” make some money??
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8 responses to “Simple Question ~ Can Writers Make Money?

  1. Karla Telega September 2, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    As part of the herd, I’m kind of counting on it. I guess I’m doing something right. I wrote the mystery novel as part of building my platform for the humor books. Unfortunately, now I’m hooked on writing mysteries. If the rule is that fiction doesn’t sell, I know a lot of people who are defying the odds. Chris Brogan is highly respected, but I wouldn’t take a generalization at face value.


  2. Simone Benedict September 2, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    It seems there is big money to be made in the writing business. At least I’d guess so based on all the “personally” tailored messages I receive: “Simone, would you like to make a gazillion dollars writing from home?”

    Seriously though, to answer your question I believe writers of fiction can make money.


  3. Selena Wolff (@SelenaWolff) September 5, 2011 at 2:37 am

    I think the key here is remain flexible. There will always be readers who want good fiction, in whatever form it is published; so, yes, fiction writers can make money as long as we go where the money is being made!


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