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Really, no Really, What Does Change Really Mean?

what does change mean Well, what does “change” mean? The Etymology Dictionary includes this statement: “a sense of evolution perhaps from ‘to turn‘, ‘to change‘, ‘to barter‘”

I know, one of the senses is the same as the word—change means change—“come on, you know what it means!

But consider change meaning to turn—change in direction

Consider change as bartering—change this for that

What about when we consider changing ourselves—making decisions and taking actions that re-shape our character?

Do we act in a different direction or do we switch-out certain reactions for others?

What does “changing yourself” mean to you??

One of my contacts on Google Plus recently wrote this:

“Anyone who asks, ‘What does change really mean?’

“Tell them to write a book.”

Having written a couple books, I can heartily concur with them :-)

And, while his statement may be taken as merely a humorous indicator of the effort involved in change, I feel it could be a very realistic piece of advice for certain people.

Many authors have written-through or written-up the changes they needed in their lives.

One example: Someone is too timid. They write a book (doesn’t have to be long) with a character that represents them and puts them through situations that help them gain more courage.

What are some Write-A-Book-To-Change-Yourself ideas you have?
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2 responses to “Really, no Really, What Does Change Really Mean?

  1. Angela Yuriko Smith September 2, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Interesting idea… I suppose I wrote my first book to record my change. The main character is a younger version of me that chose career over children. Her life is a lot different than mine even without being attacked by the Jersey Devil. I don’t long for her life tho, I just wanted to record what might have been while fully enjoying what is.

    Thanks for the great post… I hope I can be back to socializing and attending readings again soon…


  2. Alexander M Zoltai September 2, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Jersey Devil, eh? Whew

    I’m sure your “exercise” of a book gave you the perspective you needed to affirm the lack of a need for change in your life, right?

    Looking forward to your return to the activities on Book Island, Angela :-)


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