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Jargon & The Self-Publishing Writer

I chose FastPencil as the company to help me self-publish Notes from An Alien. With their services, I didn’t need to know much jargon.

But, my way of self-publishing may not be your way of self-publishing and my way may have to change as the whole industry of publishing continues its transformation.

One of the most important areas in which to know the jargon of the specialists is the design and layout of your book.

If you come to this blog for posts about reading or what writers do when they write, I encourage you to use the handy search box in the upper right to find articles of interest :-)

For those who still want to know about design and layout, I recommend Joel Friedlander’s blog, The Book Designer.

The specific article I’m going to point you toward today is, Don’t Let me Find You Bleeding in the Gutter—Understanding Book Terminology. Pretty cool title, eh? :-)

Do you know what these terms mean? Bleed, Bulking, Colophon, Imposition, Signature

Even the ones that look like common words have very specific jargonistic meanings in the business of book design and layout. Joel defines those and 26 more in his article.

I avoided needing to know terms like this because I was publishing a simple trade paperback novel. You may be considering a very specialized or niche book. You may need to know if, as Joel says, “…you want to carry on a conversation with a book professional about the design and layout of your book.

“Use them wisely.”
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