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Writers On Writing ~ A List That Can Inspire

Interested in “writing processes, revision strategies, the business of publishing, and the overall life of a writer”?

I blog about topics like that and I look for other writers who do the same. But, like many things on the Internet, there are good sites and not so good sites

I featured Kate Messner in a post titled, Critique Is Not A Bad Word, because I found her writing style compelling and her way of sharing information honest.

So, naturally, if she offers writing advice, I’m going to pay attention; and, if she lists other authors she likes to read, I’m going to share that list :-)

Check out her page called, Writers, for her top writing tips and her pick of 18 authors worth reading.

Her story about when she learned the importance of finding her own unique voice as a writer is priceless!

And, if you want my pick for best book by a writer about writing, try John Gardner‘s, The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers. ( “Young” in that title doesn’t refer to chronological age :-)
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5 responses to “Writers On Writing ~ A List That Can Inspire

  1. tsonoda148 August 3, 2011 at 4:48 am

    Love Her “Writers” Page. Thanks for the suggestion, Alex!


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