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Virtually Real Discussions

I’m still debriefing myself from the Thursday Global Peace discussion I host on Book Island in the virtual world, Second Life.

The discussions have been going on now for thirteen weeks and each one has its own texture. I’m learning about, even though I have lots of experience in, facilitating amicable group discussions.

Amicable is key in these global peace chats since most of the topics can be considered “hot-button”.

There’s even a joke circulating the Island about the fights that break out at the global peace chats :-)

The idea for the weekly peace discussions came from my recently published book, Notes from An Alien. It follows the torturous path of an alien civilization from a 500-year interplanetary war to enduring peace. It was written as a Message for Earth

During today’s discussion, one participant did something I’ve been waiting for–he introduced an idea from the book into the chat about peace on Earth.

I should mention that folks don’t have to read the book to be in the discussion but I do offer anyone a free copy of the book if they’d like to supplement their idea-store on ways to achieve peace.

I wrote the book to give us humans a leveraging perspective on the challenges of creating a path toward peace–being in a situation can often fog resolution and entering a different but related situation can offer more light

The first Sunday in August is the start of a second edition of the chats specifically timed to attract college students. Can’t wait to start the cycle of topics with them!!

One of the best parts of having these discussions in Second Life, rather than up the street, is we have folks from all over the world attending. Rather appropriate, eh?

Do you engage in productive conversations about what it will take to achieve a lasting peace on Earth??
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2 responses to “Virtually Real Discussions

  1. dandilyon July 29, 2011 at 12:52 am

    I’m excited to start your book, and attend some discussions. They sound stimulating – I just wish they weren’t so early for me. As it warms up it won’t be so hard to get up early ;p Something about crawling out of bed when your breath is frosting in the air… not even coffee can tempt me then!


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