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5 Posts Especially for Readers :-)

This blog’s main topics are Reading, Writing, and Publishing. Lately, I’ve been talking a lot to writers.

So, to redress the imbalance, I’ve reached into our archives and retrieved seven past posts that focus on the Reader (even when they’re addressed to the writer).

The Dreams of The Writer Lead To The Dreams of The Reader… is a bit heavy on the writer’s dream state but readers should know a bit about it since the writer tries to induce the same dream in the reader’s mind…

Considering The Writer/Reader Relationship… is, again, focused on writer’s but from the standpoint of what they need to consider about their readers.

Readers’ Reprise is a post that brings a few other posts back up from the archives :-)

Reading Helps Writing & Writing Helps Reading is pretty much about what it says it’s about

And, The Author’s Platform ~ Community of Interest is for writers but a savvy reader could benefit from the discussion about what a writer does to tempt readers toward their books.
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