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Book Promotion & Social Networking Frenzy ~ Pondering Google+

We’ve had a number of posts on this blog that consider book promotion.

I explored my attempts to incorporate Facebook and Twitter into my promotion mix and indicated why I barely use them now in the post: Do Pre-Publication Promotion And Sanity Go Together ? I also stressed in that post the importance of building relationships in all book promotion efforts.

Even though Facebook and Twitter are billed as social networking tools (and, even though many folks find them valuable for that), my path has reverted to concentrating on this blog and my time in the virtual world, Second Life.

However, in the past week or so, the Tech/Net news has been buzzing with speculations and some early tests of Google+, another social networking tool

Amongst all the hype, I finally found an article that gives me hope for doing the social networking thing again: Google+ is Awesome. Facebook Maimed, Twitter Mortally Wounded?

Google+ is still in testing mode but appears to be worth a try once they open it up for everyone.

If people’s opinion about Google’s stock value is a fair indicator, there are plenty of Tech/Net folks ready to use it

Do you use social networking for book promotion or any other important tasks?

What are your opinions of Facebook and Twitter?

Are you already using Google+?
Here’s an update post on Google+ :-)
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10 responses to “Book Promotion & Social Networking Frenzy ~ Pondering Google+

  1. Simone Benedict July 11, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    Today I read an article on traditional publishing experiences referenced at this person’s very informative blog:

    I have mixed feelings about social networking. Maybe I just miss the good ole days when new writers came around peddling their books out of their cars. Or, sent me a copy of their book with a handwritten note asking me to read it. I see the many positive aspects of networking in the virtual world, but I miss the face to face contact.


  2. Selena July 11, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    I barely use Facebook and use Twitter under duress. I guess I’m old school, or just old. Looking forward to seeing more of Google+!


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